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Top 10 Cutest Animated Girls by GreenJack21 Top 10 Cutest Animated Girls by GreenJack21
Remember that 'Animated Chicks Meme' I did? Well, I decided to give it a bit of an update. So here's a more accurate Top 10 CUTEST Animated Chicks from me.

[Some descriptions are copy-pasted from the original submission.]

10. Claire Redfield (Resident Evil 2)
I nearly forgot about this one, I should SO be ashamed! She's one of the more overlooked characters in this series, with her latest appearance being...ugh...Operation Raccoon City. She deserves so much better. The only other game she's had a starring role in was Code Veronica, and guess how well THAT turned out. Poor Claire... Her and that ponytail...

9. Ibuki (Street Fighter)
Did I mention I was a sucker for ninja girls? XD
Ibuki takes that ninja girl trope and mixes it up a bit by making her a high school student like Sakura. It's a rather neat take, though her role in Super SF4 seemed like it was just an excuse to throw her in. Did I mention her outfit is a little....revealing? And she's also barefoot as a ninja!

8. Kasumi (Dead or Alive)
I'm quite the sucker for ninja girls, and Kasumi's no exception. It's always nice to see a ninja girl who's not all tough talk all the time (sort of). Though her background's a bit iffy (Dead or Alive's plot never made any sense), she still managed to put a permanent mark on me whenever she shows up.

7. Sakura (Street Fighter)
Sakura was just downright adorable in both personality and actions. Every time I saw her win a fight, she'd always kick her shoe off and I'd imagine that same shoe bonk her head by accident. She's energetic, she's easy to get along with, and just always looking for the best way to have fun. So exciting.

6. Sexy Silvia (Viewtiful Joe)
I'm also quite the sucker for super heroines, as shown with Silvia here. Sexy Silvia is her hero name, and she's the sidekick of the best superhero ever; Viewtiful Joe. Unlike Joe, Silvia's more serious when it comes to combat and takes her role with a bit more concern than Joe does. However, that doesn't mean she's not playful either, as shown in her alternate universe storyline in the original having a playful tickle fight with her Siamese twin. [Don't ask.]

5. Shantae (Shantae: Risky's Revenge)
Yes, I know there's been more than just one entry for Shantae, but quite frankly I never played those so I can't reflect my experiences with them.
Shantae is a rather interesting take on the "genie" idea. She's not a full-time genie, but she's a "half genie" in that she's half human and half genie. The new game changes things quite a bit, but I'll always remember the "half genie" who could dance and become any animal she wanted. Yes, even an elephant.

4. Princess Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy)
What a change of pace Rosalina made on the Mario series, I tell ya. Unlike Peach, Rosalina is not a damsel in distress character, and is perceived in Mario's world as...well...God. That's right. Rosalina is Mario's version of God himself, and I would totally be cool with that. She's motherly, gentle, and always so sweet. How could one not love her?

3. Palutena (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
I'll be honest, Nintendo's redoing of Palutena struck me hard. As in, the good way. She's a total nerd, and I find that absolutely adorable! The fact that she can be sometimes self-aware makes it all the more sweet, though it does worry what would happen if her god-like status ever got her in trouble. Heh, I would know the best punishment at least. *wink wink*

2. Samus Aran (Metroid)
Personally, I liked the way she looked in Metroid Fusion myself. With the blue top and blue short shorts, it makes her quite the looker. It's so much more casual-looking and sexy than that silly zero suit. In the Metroid manga, she even went in disguise and looked almost like Carmen Sandiago. Wait, does this mean Samus is really Carmen Sandiago this entire time?!

1. Sheena Fujibayashi (Tales of Symphonia)
Yeah, like anyone expected something different. Please.
I could go on and on for why I like Sheena, but I'll simplify it in the best way possible.
Sheena is what happens when you mix Ibuki and Rosalina into one person. She's battle-hardened but also can be motherly at times when needed. Her past is one of her most unique traits. In-game, she's the group's summoner character, which means she relies on summoned creatures to help fight for her. But that doesn't mean she's 100% defenseless as her fighting style can be downright brutal using cards known as guardian seals, some of which have different effects labeled onto them. You do have to fight her twice due to the plot, but once she joins your party you'll be glad to have her on your side.

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Scorching-Whirlwind Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
Yay for Shantae! <3
tgohan Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
lol. it this is done by you, i should of known samus and sheena would be 2 and 1 lol
The-Great-Stash Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012
Lotta cuties out there!
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