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September 14, 2013
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Ruby Rose Finally Tickled by GreenJack21 Ruby Rose Finally Tickled by GreenJack21
(IT'S DONE. AT LAST. CHRIST did that take forever.)
I can't believe it took THIS long for anyone to even think about tickling this girl. Seriously, I thought it'd be done to death by now. Do yourself a favor: Go on RoosterTeeth and watch RWBY. It's pretty awesome, and an extremely rare case where [in my opinion] the main character completely steals the show.

For those not in the know, RWBY is an anime-ish Poser-created series on RoosterTeeth created by :iconmontyoum: with a central theme I would say is a mix between Harry Potter and the Monster Hunter series. The weapons are over-the-top [as well as the action], the characters (while predictable [insert Weiss here]) are indeed memorable in their own right, and it takes a lot of nods to Teen Titans' form of humor which I find admirable. And by that, I mean that it only takes itself seriously when it absolutely needs to...otherwise, it's straight-up classic anime slapstick. The only downside I can really give it is that the episodes usually range to 5 or 10 minutes each, which I would probably chalk up on being due to Poser limitations on rendering. The only exception is Episode 8, since it makes things come full circle with all the teams established and be all set for Season 2.

Anyways, this here is miss Ruby Rose, the main lead of RWBY. [Hence the name of the series.]
I found her absolutely adorable, and I could not resist putting her at the end of a feather's attack. Or in this case, two. >:3
Doesn't look like she minds though. She's not fighting back... Hehe~

I wanted to try something simple since I've been out of the drawing scene for way too long, and I feel like I'm really rusty. So I ditched the idea for shading and went with basic coloring. Lemme tell you right now, the hair was an absolute NIGHTMARE to get right. Probably the hardest part of this. And I STILL don't know how well it came out. x_x

Anywho, enjoy! This makes one of my tasks officially scratched off. ^^
Leave comments down below. Did I screw up something? Say so, and I'll see if I can fix it! [Lord knows I probably missed SOMEthing.]

Ruby Rose and everything else from RWBY belongs to :iconmontyoum:
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Can you please make one of Blake? I'm begging here.
plz do the outhers :iconbegplz:
How about this? Anyone who favored it, said they liked it, and asked for it wants to see Weiss, Blake, and Yang share Ruby's fate. And then after all of team RWBY gets it, you make a version with all of them in it at the same time. Because believe me, I want to see this happen more than anyone else.
this pic is adorable and I feel the series is getting more and more popular with time, is not hard to find good quality images of it so that would mean at least the artists like it. anyway adorable pic <3 keep the good ticklish work~
HyperEidos Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This was really well done, if your going to do the others, then maybe Yang? She looks like a blast to tickle.
PokemonAndYugioh1 Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
XD pokemondawin told me about how if its wated youd do all of them i do agree it be awesome to do em all ^^ youd be the frist one to tickle em all and your art style is like the best on da so it be so so soooooo awesome to have a tickle pic of all them :D
If it was demanded, I would indeed draw the 3 other main characters in a similar scenario. But again, only if there's a high enough demand for it. :)
PokemonAndYugioh1 Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
i see X3 but 10? me if feel happy if 2 people demanded something XD
Okay, 5 then. XD
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