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Daisy sucks as a character.

(Now let's see who takes the bait...)
Thanks for all the birthday wishes so far, everyone. Sadly though, I've caught myself a bad stomach bug, so I'm gonna be bed-ridden for most of the day.

I just want you guys to know that... you're all awesome guys and gals.
For those who are (mentally) complaining about the adding of /m into my Tales of Tickles group...

I DID stress that may happen in the rules.

It's not my cup of tea either, but I gotta be fair to all sides of the tickling spectrum.
  • Playing: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Tagged by :iconsimplyntk:, who in turn was tagged by :iconnintendo-tickling:

1: You have to tag someone (I do what I want)
2: Tag backs allowed (No)
3: You must put 10 things
4: Like how the title is, those 10 things have to have some sort of relationship with tickling
5: Tag at least 3 people and the maximum number of people you can tag is 10 (fight me irl)

My Facts:
1: Cartoons of the 80s are probably what got me into this to begin with. I can't say what cartoon in particular because I forgot what it was. Probably the 80s Turtles cartoon. Don't really have a cling to that scene though.
2: I find it saddening that video games rarely ever have a tickle scene in it, and when they do, it's usually done so poorly that they never bother to go anywhere with it. I kinda wanna see a game where tickling is used for a character to identify their lost sister or mom or something. That'd be cute.
3: Despite being a Tales fan, Tales games have barely had any tickle scenes throughout its entire franchise. My favorite entry, the original Symphonia, didn't even have one nor is it ever mentioned. Neither did Xillia, now that I think about it... The only memorable one is a Tales of the Abyss skit where Guy gets bullied by Anise and Jade.
4: I always preferred playful tickling. I'm not a big fan of heavy bondage stuff or having someone look like they're really suffering. At least, nowadays I don't. I used to have a weird mindset back in the days of GMod, but I eventually grew out of it.
5: I only like tickle videos if the scenario itself is cute. Anything overly sexual I tend to stray away from as much as possible.
6: I don't like to be tickled. Not because I don't like it, but you're basically just wasting your time since I'm about as ticklish as a rock.
7: I'm only slow to submit tickling stuff here because, not only am I balancing a casual YouTube personality, I'm always having my privacy invaded. I'm not the only one who uses this laptop, sadly enough.
8: Foot fetish and foot tickling stuff was a big deal in my high school social life, hence why it's a big focus on my page. Every girl was doing something with their feet and bragging about it. I guess it kinda grew on me after a while.
9: My favorite tickling scenario [and one that's not usually exploited enough] is when the kid usurps the adult, either because the adult lets them tickle away or the kid gets lucky and catches them off guard. Regardless, I try to stay away from doing this as I'm too afraid it makes me look like a pedo. [Even though I'm not.]
10: I'm a bigger fan of Nintendo than I am of Tales, so it's always a pleasure to see someone from there get tickled. My personal favorite? A tie between the Goddess of Light, Palutena, or the goddess of the stars, Rosalina.

I tag....
:iconohstalon06: :icondivjustice: :icontgohan: :iconfeatherjedi:

And whoever else wants to do this. I'm too tired to pick any more names.



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United States
Feather says hi, once again breaking the 4th wall. The little rascal..

F: I'M NOT LITTLE! >_<;;


- Both art and stories will be posted up.

- I do not accept requests, however I am always open to suggestions and/or commissions (if you really want).


:iconfeet-and-love: :icontales-of-tickles:


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